Delivery and Returns

Return Policy

Our Return Policy is laid in place for online purchases made through All our store purchases must only be returned to Interconnect Stores. You can read our detailed Return Policy below:

Return of Products

We have proper policies in place for customers who want to return their purchased products. Our returning conditions depend upon the address you made your order from.

Customers in the UK

If you are a UK-based customer, you can return your product within 14 days from the date mentioned on the receipt of the product. A full refund of the product is sent out to customers in the UK.

Customers in the European Union (countries other than the UK)

If you are in the European Union, then you can get a full refund of your purchased product if you return it within 10 days from the date mentioned in the receipt.

Customers from other Parts of the World

If you are neither from the UK nor the EU, then you do not have the right to return any product. However, we only accept returns in case you received a damaged or compromised product. The return is only successful if a proof of the damage is sent to us.

Conditions of Returns

Although we accept returns in the UK and the EU, we ensure that the returned product is unharmed and unopened. We will only accept your return if the product is in its original packaging. Furthermore, the cost of return delivery shall be paid in full by the customer.

Cancelling Orders

Interconnect Stores allows its customers to cancel their orders, but only if they meet our criteria of order cancellation.

Customers may cancel their order by signing into their accounts and clicking on the ‘cancel order’ button. Once we have received your request for cancellation, we will send you an email within 48 hours. However, orders can only be cancelled within 3 hours of order placement. The ‘cancel order’ button in your account will only work for 3 hours.

If you meet the aforementioned criteria for order cancellation, Interconnect Stores will proceed with cancellation by sending you a confirmation email. We request you to be patient as your refund will be sent to you within 7 working days.

Delivery Policy

Interconnect Stores delivers in all continents.

Delivery Charges

Delivery charges apply to products based on your location. Once you proceed to checkout, we will include delivery charges to the price of the products to give you an idea of the total incurred cost. The final price that you see is inclusive of taxes and delivery charges for your desired destination.